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Aelios Technology aims to be a catalyst for emerging grid technologies with an innovative intelligent plug for optimizing energy consumption.

Support critical equipment for longer dutrations
Extend duration of servies from power backup supplies
Fully customizable and suggestive actions to fit your needs

IPlugD in Action

How it works

Provisional US Patent Filed

Field and Feasibility Testing

3rd Jan, 2018, Nirmiti Hospital, Sangli, Maharashtra, India

Prototype Testing at NREL, CO

Oct, 2017, Prototype Testing with real household appliances at Energy System Integration Facility, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), CO, USA

Our Services

Our Intelligent Plug for Devices, IPlugD, helps healthcare facilities mitigate risks during power outages by extending services from backup supplies


IPlugD retrofits with any existing equipment/appliance saving our customers the trouble to upgrade to smart devices. IPlugD is also compatible with any kind of power backup supplies and can be easily installed without changes in your building wiring infrastructure.


IPlugD provides scalable support for growing devices. The dynamic solver engine allows Intelligent Plug for Devices to support the growing need of our customers and doesn't limit the autonomous and wireless performance.

Modular Design

Easily configurable to allow our customers to add more number of appliances as and when required. Our IPlugDs have'plug and play' feature and can be easily deployed and added to the existing set of devices without any hassle.

User Interface

IplugD, equipped with smart sensors,allows smart User Interface and provides customized interface for physician/ administration specific customization.

Energy Analytics

IPlugD provides real-time energy analytics to our customers in order to provide administrators to make efficient decisions for critical devices over non-critical equipment.


We provide customer support for IPlugDs to provide predictive fault analysis of devices even before they fail.

Our Team

People behind this

Sourav Patel

Sourav patel

Chief Executive Officer

He is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota. Also currently a visiting researcher at NREL, Co. He has 3 years experience as control, instrumentation and power electronics engineer at National Thermal power Corporation Ltd., India and Executive Engineer Award Nominee.


People behind us

Murti Salapaka

Prof. Murti Salapaka

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Minneosta.

Carla Pavone

Prof. Carla Pavone

Professor and Associate Director, Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship

Program Director, MIN-Corps Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

Blake Lundstrom

Blake Lundstrom

Senior Electrical Engineer

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO

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